Yonda was first established as Yonda Corporation in 2000; it was revamped in 2014 to Yonda Food Technology Co., Ltd. The rebranded Company supplies major Taiwanese bubble tea brands with fresh juice, agar pearls, and other products. In 2016, it even set up its own brand, Earnest Farm.

Yonda is dedicated to processing high-quality homegrown agricultural produce, and specializes in freezing and preserving fresh, undiluted and zero-additive juice that is sold to markets at home and abroad. Its hard work over the years is finally paying off, and the Company is seeing steady growth in production capacity and sales every year. In addition, with outstanding R&D capability, Yonda offers OEM service to clients with its automatic production line, established to enhance the quality and capacity of production to meet market demand.

Management of the Company is guided by practicality and its mission to provide consumers with safe and clean products with innovative services. The Company also hopes that its business activities can contribute to Taiwan’s agricultural development and benefit farmers that collaborate with the firm. Above all, Yonda hopes to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by contributing to the country.

Natural and Healthy

Using carefully selected
natural ingredients
to present the
original flavor

Safe and Hygienic

Committing ourselves
to the protection
of the environment

Innovative and Service

Adding value to our products,
so distributors
can sell them
with confidence

Honest and Reliable

Stringently monitoring
the quality of our products
to ensure food safety
for consumers

Yonda Food was founded; its business expanded from the wholesale and retail of food and beverages to include the sale of materials for bubble tea.
The Company shifted its focus to selling frozen and undiluted lemonade and kumquat juice to target the niche market.
The Company extended its catalog to include frozen undiluted juice of various kinds, such as passion fruit, orange, pineapple, and grapefruit.
The Company was revamped and renamed Yonda Ingredient Co., Ltd.
The Company acquired the internationally recognized ISO and HACCP certification.
Agar pearls, an exclusive product of the company, officially entered mass production and became available on the market.
Undiluted kumquat juice is exported to Japan.
Annual sales of kumquat juice, undiluted lemonade, and undiluted orange juice exceeded 200 tons.
The Company started selling customized juice developed and designed for its clientele.
The Agar pearls are being sold to foreign countries.
Agar noodles (noodle-shaped jelly, as well as agar jelly cubes) entered mass production
In February, the Company moved its factory to the Neipu Industrial Park and introduced brand-new multipurpose automatic juicers to its production line to increase its production capacity.
The Company was also actively involved in exhibitions in foreign countries co-hosted by the Taiwanese government to enhance its publicity, hoping to expand overseas markets, increase profit margins, and create job opportunities.
The Company adopted the novel individual quick freezing (IQF) technology and equipment from Japan and passed the ISO 22000:2005 as well as HACCP certification.
The Company received an organic farm produce certificate from the Tse-Xin Certification Corporation.
The Company increased its capital and rebranded itself as Yonda Food Technology Co., Ltd.
The Company is Halal certified and received a trackability & traceability certificate.
A second factory was built, along with a new brand, the “Earnest Farm.”
The Company was rewarded with the Outstanding Marketing Award by the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan.
The Company invested in a plant in Malaysia and was nominated for the National Quality Award.
The Company received the 22nd Rising Star Award from the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
The Company received an FSSC certificate.